Sobering Thoughts – A poem by Gerry Gold


If you’re taking a swing from a bottle,

Think of this bloke, Aristotle;

If he had a bad bout

He’d get his chariot out,

And drive thro’ the streets at full throttle.

Even today, in Belgravia,

They’ve got a strict code of behaviour;

If you even think

Of having a drink,

You’d stop, ‘cause no-one would save you.

If you woke up with a terrible head,

You’d try something else instead;

Like a lamb to the slaughter,

You’d drink a full glass of water,

Only then, could you sleep in your bed.

When it’s light, and you can’t stop yawning,

Struggling to get up in the morning,

Think what you’re losing,

Stop all the boozing,

You must know it’s a salutatory warning.

It’s like smoking, or gambling as well,

It will make your life a real hell;

Use your mental resources,

No fast girls or slow horses,

Or the vicar will be tolling the bell.

It will happen one day, crystal clear;

You’ll realise your deepest fear;

You’ll think of the cost,

Of the good times you’ve lost

And keep right away from the beer.

Even if you’re feeling fine;

Think a while, take some time;

Think of the others

Their friends and their mothers,

They’ll be changing the spelling to ‘whine’.

So make a New Year’s resolution;

That’ll be your best solution;

Show them you care,

You’ll have money to spare

–          And a healthier constitution.

Gerry Gold

P.S. Gerry is a beloved old colleague of ours and we would like to genuinely thank him for sending us his poem. Very inspiring and motivating.


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