It shouldn’t just be eggs you’re cracking open this Easter!


Whether you’re planning an Easter brunch, late lunch, early dinner or just a night in front of the tele, eating copious amounts of chocolate, one thing’s for sure: you’ll need an alcoholic beverage or 2 to go with!

Now that Spring has sprung and Easter is in sight it’s time to get the ball rolling and start planning ahead. When I think of Easter I think of three things: lots of family time, Easter eggs and delicious Spring lamb. So with these in mind we’ve rounded up a list of wines to help you find the perfect Easter time tipple!

So here goes:

If you prefer your dark to your white or like keeping it traditional with a milk chocolate Easter egg, then fear not, we’ve chosen a wine that will go with all of your chocolaty treats!

2013 Woodstock Little Miss Collett Moscato

With white chocolate you need to go for something light, fizzy and refreshing like this Woodstock Little Miss Collette Moscato 2013. Its tropical fruit character and zingy, lemon sherbet finish balance out the rich, creamy taste of white chocolate.

Calem 10 Years Old

Tawny style Ports are incredible with milk chocolate, so wash yours down with a velvety smooth glass of Cálem 10yr Tawny. There’s no greater love, than the love shared between chocolate and Port.. a match made in heaven just waiting for you to try!

Calem LBV (2)

The mixture of dark chocolate and Port in the mouth has to be experienced to be believed. Ruby style Ports like Cálem LBV 2009 are amazing with high cocoa dark chocolate, so when you’re choosing which Easter egg to go for, make sure you bare this in mind!

Trust me when I say… this is a deliciously satisfying Port, perfect for those chocolaty moments we all love!

New season lamb is an Easter treat that can be prepared and served with minimal hassle. So if you’re cooking up an Easter Sunday feast, why not give this a go?

ph bt Crabitey rouge 2011 (2)

Lamb naturally has a strong liking for Bordeaux so you can’t go wrong with our Château Crabitey Rouge Graves 2011. Its alluring smoky tobacco and black fruit aromas are perfectly balanced with a sumptuous fruit intenseness guaranteed to get everyone’s taste buds tingling! Put a bottle of this on the table and it will be gone in a flash!


People always think lamb needs a big, bold wine like a Bordeaux or a Rhone but actually more delicate Spring lamb goes beautifully with a fruit forward Pinot Noir like this Fess Parker Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2012. Give it a try, it’s a favourite of mine!

Now I know not all of you enjoy your meat, so I thought I’d add in an option to be enjoyed with fish!

monte-pio-albarino 2014

Albariño, one of Spain’s best kept secrets, is the perfect wine to pair with fish. The Galicia region, where the best Albariño is produced, is located along the north-west coastline of Spain and has a thriving seafood industry. Not surprising therefore that this crisp, dry, aromatic Albariño by Monte Pio makes the ideal companion for your Easter fish dishes.

With all these fantastic wines for you to try this Easter, this is one holiday you won’t want to miss.

Finally, we’d like to wish you a very very happy Easter, we hope it is egg-cellent!  (Sorry I couldn’t resist)

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