Calvados and its Brandy

Do you like apples?


Calvados is back. Well, ‘back’ is perhaps putting it a little strongly – it’s debatable whether there was ever a time when calvados was the apple (sorry) of the bar world’s eye – but there’s definitely something going on. Rather than sourcing one unconsidered bottle, destined for a life of gathering dust, bartenders are now paying attention, and restaurants may have a number of calvados options on the back bar covering different styles: Coupette in Bethnal Green boasts an impressive range and features a calvados of the month. It is no surprise that the definitive apple brandy is finding its way onto more and more cocktail menus throughout the country.

A short history of the Calvados region and its brandy

Calvados part 2

Cider making has a long history in France, dating back at least to the Romans. In the 13th century it became the drink of choice for the lower classes in the Normandy region, and by the 14th century cider sales in the North were greater than wine. The first record we have of the distillation of cider is from 1553, when a nobleman called Gilles de Gouberville recorded the process of making eaux-de-vie in his diary.

During the 19th century, calvados and cider became very popular in Paris, partly due to the phylloxera crisis crippling the wine trade. ‘Café/Calva’ became a favourite with the working man and is a tradition that continues to this day.

Calvados Pays d’Auge was granted AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) status in 1942, along with 10 regions granted the looser AOR (appellation d’origine réglementée). These 10 were incorporated into the general AOC Calvados in 1984; the third and final AOC was added in 1997: AOC Calvados Domfrontais.

A castle and its apples


Built in the early 16th century, the Château du Breuil is classified as an historical monument, reflecting the typical Pays d’Auge architecture. The two half-timbered towers of the castle are from the 16th century; the central part is from the 17th century. In 1954, Philippe Bizouard bought the castle to set up his own distillery and created the Calvados Château du Breuil.

Château du Breuil has around 22000 apple trees within two orchards (42 hectares) in the Pays d’Auge region, and also works with farmers from the neighbouring towns. The higher rainfall in the region combined with the shallow soil provide perfect growing conditions for apple trees. It takes around 27kg of apples to make one litre of calvados; each tree produces 50-200kg each harvest (depending on the age of the tree, the rootstock and a number of other factors!)

Harvesting takes place in October and November, with up to 40 varieties of apple arriving at the Château to be pressed. The blend between these varieties is the first step to creating the unique flavour profile of the ciders. Fermentation is 100% natural and takes at least 6 weeks (the legal minimum is 3 weeks), yielding a 4.5% cider.


Distillation begins in the winter in Château du Breuil’s two copper pot stills. For Calvados Pays d’Auge the stills may be heated with a steam coil or naked flame; Château du Breuil uses flame. The first distillation produces les petites eaux at 28%, which are then returned to the still for the bonne chauffe, when the eaux-de-vie exits the still at 71% ABV, ready for its long slumber in oak that will yield the finished calvados.

The young spirit is put into 350 litre barrels, firstly in new wood for two months, during which time the spirit takes tannin and colour, before being transferred to older casks for maturation. Unusually (for calvados at least), Château de Breuil also have some cask finishes, where the spirit spends an extra few months in a sherry or sweet wine cask, adding extra layers of complexity.



The Three Appellations of Calvados


AOC Calvados (approximately 71% of production)

  • Geographical area in Normandy: the Calvados department and some parts of Mayenne, Sarthe and Oise
  • No distillation method specified, but most is column stills (to a maximum ABV of 72%)
  • Made of apples and/or pears (permitted varieties are specified in the AOC)
  • Minimum two years’ old

AOC Calvados Pays d’Auge (approximately 28% of production)

  • Geographical area mostly in the Calvados department, on clay and chalk slopes
  • Must be double-distilled in pot stills with a maximum size of 30hl, to a maximum ABV of 72% (similar to Cognac)
  • Made of apples (with a maximum of 30% pears permitted)
  • Minimum two years’ old

AOC Domfrontais (approximately 1% of production)

  • Geographical area in the Orne, Manche and Mayenne departments
  • Must be single distilled in column stills heated with naked flame, to a maximum ABV of 72% (similar to Armagnac)
  • Made of apples and pears (with a minimum of 30% pears)
  • Minimum three years’ old

For all the appellations the whole process must be carried out in the geographical area: harvest, fermentation, distillation and ageing.

Ages on the Label

VS, ‘trois étoiles’ or ‘trois pommes’ – 2 years’ minimum

‘Vieux’ or ‘reserve’ – 3 years’ minimum

V.S.O.P, VO or ‘vieille réserve’ – 4 years’ minimum

X.O, ‘hors d’age’, ‘très vieille réserve’, ‘très vieux, ‘extra’, ‘Napoléon’ – 6 years’ minimum


by Yves Calabre (Amathus Brand Sales Manager – Rums & French Agency Spirits) 


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Amathus invests in Sales & Marketing excellence to hit its next milestone of 100m by 2019


Harry Georgiou, founder-CEO of Amathus Drinks Plc, continues to strengthen his new executive team with the appointment of not one, but two Sales & Marketing Directors – Fraser McGuire and Simon Bradbury.

Comments Harry: “Since our acquisition of Bablake Wines last year, we’ve now got a national footprint but we’re still very specialist and I felt we needed two heavy hitters to bring the Amathus brand to a national customer base.” Explaining his plans, he continued: “This puts us on course towards our next milestone of £100m in sales by 2019. Fraser’s well respected in the on-trade and brings huge energy. Simon brings a great record and a fantastic knowledge of the off-trade. It’s a dream team for me and I’m delighted they’ve come on board.”

Simon Bradbury has spent more than 25 years in the Drinks Industry most recently holding senior positions with Enotria and Codorniu Ravenous. He said “I am joining Amathus at a hugely exciting time with ambitious growth plans and relish the opportunity to build on our strong core business. There are new regions we want to move into and with our excellent portfolio of exclusive wines, spirits and beers we can offer a real quality alternative.”

Fraser McGuire is a 20-year industry veteran and held senior positions with Enotria and Whyte & Mackay. He said, “I’m really thrilled to be joining Amathus at this time and driven by Harry’s vision Amathus has established itself as a leading player within the Premium On-trade in the UK. Amathus is a family owned, forward thinking, decisive & nimble company, which I believe will help give us the edge within an industry where the landscape will continue to evolve through wholesaler consolidation.”

Commenting on the consolidation in the sector throughout the last 12 months, Harry said: “The Bablake Wines acquisition enhances our reach. We want to take our brands to a national customer base. I don’t wake up thinking about being the biggest. But I do get excited about developing undiscovered niche categories in spirits such as Mezcal, Aquavit and Pisco in the UK. And in recent years we have earned respect in developing new and emerging wine regions as diverse as the Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan with its Koshu, to Greece’s trending varieties such as Assyrtico.

The appointments follow David Smith in the Finance seat a year ago, as part of Amathus’ drive to its next milestone of £100m revenues.

The Georgiou family grew Amathus from start-up to £40m revenues to earn an uncontested position in the front ranks of the specialist on-trade. Headquartered in Park Royal, it has warehouses in Coventry and Bristol and a substantial delivery fleet capable of supporting small independents to servicing wholesale customers. It also has 4 distinctive wine and spirits boutiques aimed at knowledgeable drinkers and the trade. In 2015, it acquired Bablake Wines for cash. Group revenues now exceed £60m.

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Gins to the World!

Soho gin collection

Gin lovers of the world get ready as World Gin Day returns for its eighth year running on Saturday, 11th June. World Gin Day is a global celebration of all things gin, where for one whole day we have the best excuse to drink plenty of gin!

Whether you like the traditional G&T, mixing it in a cocktail or served over ice – there’s so much choice out there, which gin do you pick? As its World Gin Day, we’ve chosen our favourites from all over the world… from the Netherlands to Germany, Spain and Sweden; it’s time for you to discover a world of amazing gin!


Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin is fun, delightful to the palate and offers all spirit enthusiasts among us a product they can play with, experiment with and be proud to have added to their collection. Infused with carefully hand-picked Riesling grapes from the steep shale slopes of the Zilliken estate, make this gin an impressively unique tasting experience.


Meet the delightful Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin – a balanced blend of botanicals – juniper, rosehips, cloves, lemongrass and cubeb peppers amongst others, create this extremely unique gin from The Netherlands.

Bobby’s is at its best in a Bobby & Tonic, served over ice and garnished with an orange peel studded with cloves.

janus langhorn ugetthepicture-3684_resized_edit

On the island of Hven located in the strait of Öresund between Denmark and Sweden lies the Spirit of Hven Distillery. Their Organic Gin is a true handcrafted distilled gin produced from the finest quality organic grain spirit infused with fresh botanicals.

The result is an outstanding luxury gin with the delicate aromas and taste of citrus, juniper and grains of paradise – pushing the quality & taste one step further, above the rest! Best served on ice with lemon and tonic or on its own with a splash of water.


Established in 1880, Rives have been making their Special Gin in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain since 1980.

Rives Special Gin is a super-premium handcrafted gin, with a unique taste that will blow your mind! The careful selection of 11 botanicals, naturally harvested from around the world, creates a powerful and complex flavour that is guaranteed to wow you all!


Following the traditional London Dry gin style, A.v.Wees produce this smooth gin, distilled with just 2 botanicals – juniper berries and lemons. Although the recipe sounds simple, you’d be surprised how flavourful this Dutch gin really is. It mixes extremely well in cocktails and makes a very impressive Dry Martini! It just shows that sometimes keeping it simple is key!

So in a world with so many different types of gin from here, there and everywhere – it’s no wonder we need a day dedicated to celebrating this great spirit.

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An Italian tradition of making liqueurs & bitters since 1870


Recently Matteo Meletti, producer of the wonderful Meletti Liqueurs and Bitters, paid us a visit and what a week we had planned for him – from staff & customer training’s to cocktail competitions & masterclasses here, there and everywhere!

The Meletti family has been producing extraordinary handcrafted liqueurs and bitters for generations. Silvio Meletti started the company in 1870 when he endeavoured to produce an anise-flavoured liqueur that would rival or surpass the best products of Italy and France.

As with any great product, the quality of the ingredients is what sets the best above the masses, that’s why Meletti selects only the finest herbs and botanicals to create all of their products – Sambuca, Anisetta, Amaro & Limoncello.


On Wednesday the 11th May, following Matteo’s arrival in London on the Monday, we’d organised a very special masterclass & cocktail competition at Loves Company in Shoreditch. We called upon all restaurants/bar owners, bartenders and anyone else working in the trade to come along and taste, as well as learn about all the Meletti products from Matteo himself.

The masterclass was followed by a very impromptu cocktail competition, where everyone who attended the masterclass could experiment with the Meletti products in cocktails, with the added bonus of winning some prizes. We knew we were in for a treat with bartenders attending from some of the coolest bars in London, including LeBab in Marylebone, Art Club & Shoreditch Grind.

The only rule that applied was the use of at least one of the Meletti products in each cocktail, the rest of the ingredients was entirely up to them. We stocked the back bar with plenty of ingredients for them to use as well, including Rives Gin, Cartron Liqueurs, Tovaritch! Vodka, Ron Barceló and many more…

BeFunky Collage

BeFunky Collage2

As usual the competition was very high but in the end, we managed to narrow it down to one lucky winner. Congratulations to the winner Jay, who is actually one of the bartenders at Loves Company – don’t worry it wasn’t a fix!


He amazed the judges with his Bramble Boozecencello cocktail, made using Meletti Limoncello, Rives London Dry Gin and Cartron Crème de Mure. Fabulous!

After the cocktail competition had finished, it was straight on the tube and off to our Soho shop to get ready for Meletti masterclass number 2. This time, it was open for anyone to attend & again on tasting was the Sambuca, Anisetta, Amaro & Limoncello.

BeFunky Collage3

What a great day out with Matteo Meletti, thank you very much for hosting both of the masterclasses for us & for being one of the judges of the cocktail competition. A special thank you also goes to Loves Company for letting us take over your bar.

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Easy Spring Cocktail Ideas

gamme liqueurs

It’s Spring time, the sun is out (well kind of) and it’s definitely the start of better times to come. As we leave the dark and miserable winter weather behind us, we can start to emerge from our hibernation and begin spending more time outside.

When the sun’s out, there’s only one thing that springs to mind.. a BBQ! So if you haven’t whipped out the barbie already, I’m sure you’re checking your diary as we speak. With BBQ’s in mind, it’s time to turn your attentions away from the heavy reds and go for something that’s a bit lighter, fresher and crispier to drink. What else could be more fitting than a couple of cocktails?

So get your shakers at the ready, your cocktail making lessons start right here:


Elderflower Daiquiri

Spice up your life!


35ml of Ron Barceló Gran Anejo
20ml of Joseph Cartron Elderflower Liqueur
5ml of Joseph Cartron Orange Curacao Liqueur
2-3 drops of pimento extract (or Tabasco)
15 ml of fresh lime juice
1/2 a bar spoon of white sugar
Pulp of 1/2 a passion fruit

Simply shake all the ingredients together then filter into a cocktail glass with a strainer. Decorate with half a passion fruit sprinkled with pimento. It’s fresh and fruity with a definite kick!


green nights

Cocktail making made easy!


35ml of Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin
20ml of Joseph Cartron Elderflower Liqueur
15ml of fresh lemon juice
2 slices of cucumber
3 basil leaves
1/2 a bar spoon of white sugar

Again shake all the ingredients together.. but be careful with this one, we don’t want to crush the ingredients. Once shaken filter into a rock glass with ice and garnish with a basil leaf and a couple of slices of cucumber.

Served with or without food, this cocktail is a great all-rounder, helping with that transition from Winter to Spring to Summer.


Oh yes please!


30 ml of Château du Breuil Calvados VSOP
20 ml of  Joseph Cartron N°7 Liqueur
20 ml of fresh lemon juice
20 ml of Teisseire Gomme Syrup
1 egg white

First of all don’t be alarmed by the egg, you don’t need to be a bartender to use them in a cocktail. So with this one, the same as the ones above, pour all the ingredients into a shaker. Shake then filter twice before pouring into a chilled cocktail glass. This is where your artistic skills come in, garnish it with a fan of green apples.



One of your 5-a-day!


4 white Grapes
40ml of Joseph Cartron Eau-de-Vie de Poire Williams
20ml of  Joseph Cartron Crème de Pêche de Vigne
20ml of lemon juice (1/2 lemon)
2 coffee spoons of Madagascar Vanilla sugar

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous then this is the cocktail for you! Start by crushing the grapes in a shaker, add the rest of the ingredients, shake then pour into a large glass. Fill up the glass with crushed ice and garnish with a fresh vanilla pod and a skewer of white grapes.

For the best flavour, make sure you serve it immediately.

pe plum

Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rhum Agricole!


40 ml of Rhum J.M XO
15 ml of Joseph Cartron Crème de Mirabelle
20 ml of fresh lime juice
10 ml of barley water

Rum lovers, if you haven’t already, you need to try this Pe Plum cocktail. It’s fresh, lively and will certainly get everyone’s taste buds tingling! Once more, it’s easy to make and tastes fantastic. Simply pour all the ingredients over some crushed ice and for that added effect serve it in a Tiki style glass, like the one above. To garnish, you’ll need a bunch of mint, a slice of lime and a sprinkle of almonds. Delish!

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Spread the #AmathusLove!


This Valentine’s, we wanted to spread the love and offer one lucky person the chance to win a bottle of the delicious Nicolo & Paradis Cuvee Rosé NV. It was really simple to enter, all you had to do was complete the Valentine’s classic; Roses are red, Violets are blue.. The only rules that applied were; no copying the original or pinching it from a fellow poet!

After 3 days of entries (some were very amusing I have to admit) we had the difficult decision of deciding who would be the lucky winner. So… congratulations goes to Anyslie McKeith, who stole the show with:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I didn’t get flowers,

just a trip to B & Q

Tweet 8

We’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone else who took part, here are a few more of our favourites that didn’t quite make the cut:


Tweet 19

Tweet 7

Tweet 5

Tweet 11

Tweet 18

Tweet 6

Tweet 20

Tweet 4

Tweet 17

Tweet 14

Tweet 16

Tweet 21

Tweet 15

Tweet 9

Tweet 2

Tweet 3

Tweet 10

Tweet 12

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Discover what you should be drinking this Valentine’s Day!


With Valentine’s Day hot on our heels it’s time to get the ball rolling and put those thinking caps on. I mean what do you buy a loved one? Which fancy restaurant do you take them to? So many decisions to make and only 4 days to go until the big day!

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to Valentine gifts, chocolate and flowers are nice but the way to someone’s heart is definitely something delicious to drink. Whether you’re staying in or going out, you’ll need something special to open that is guaranteed to impress your date!

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of one thing and one thing only.. fizz and lots of it. Whether it’s Champagne, Prosecco, English Sparkling or something a little different from Greece or Luxembourg – there’s no better way to get in the romantic mood than opening a bottle or 2 of bubbly!

So with fizz in mind (and also to help you out of course), we’ve put together a list of our top 5 favourites, which we’ll definitely be cracking open on the day!


NIC_6113DET (3)


Every girl loves a bit of pink, so what better way to steal her heart than with a bottle of Nicolo & Paradis Cuvee Rose NV. It has delicate notes of cherry with aromas of strawberry and raspberry on the nose. Not only does the bottle look good but it tastes absolutely delicious! It’s a Valentine’s gift far better than any chocolates or flowers!


Blanc de Blanc

The Bluebell estate lovingly nurture their Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grape vines to produce sparkling wines that evoke fresh, natural reminiscent of the Sussex countryside.

Bluebell Blanc de Blancs 2011 is rich, bold and bursting with fruit character. It has aromas of apple, lemon and honey with flavours of orange blossom and peach – all balanced by fresh zesty acidity and a long impressive finish. If you want a sparkling wine with a big personality then this is definitely the one for you!


Val d'ocaThe Val d’Oca winery is located in the surrounding hills between Conegliano Asolo and Treviso in Italy. Established in 1952, the winery is fully committed to producing wines of the highest quality… and that they do!

Their Prosecco Valdobbiadene Millesimato 2014 is fantastic! It’s light and delicate with fresh aromas of wild flowers, apple, pear and honey. If you’re cooking up an Italian feast or swaying more towards ordering a curry in, then this prosecco is the ideal accompaniment for both.. and once more it won’t break the wallet!


If you feel like pushing the boat out then why not try something a little different. What about this Tselepos Amalia Brut NV from Greece? It’s an elegant sparkling wine with a light, yellow-green colour and fine bubbles with intensity and length. Aromas of rose petal, brioche and honey are lifted by a refreshing welcomed acidity.. delicious!

A01040 Cuvée de l'Ecusson Brut Rosé Pinot Noir 75 cl

If you like the idea of trying something a bit different but a sparkling wine from Greece doesn’t quite tickle your fancy then what about a bottle of Bernard Massard Rose Cuvee Ecusson from Luxembourg?

This unique, vibrant and juicy rose offers delightful aromas of red apple, waxy peach and lemon zest. It’s medium bodied, with a creamy mouth-feel and friendly bubbles. Honey-crisp apple and melon flavours lead to a dry, palate-cleansing finish. This Cuvee is one of beauty, so it’s no surprise to us that it’s been recognised as one of the best wines in its category. This is a true indication of the amazing wines Luxembourg has to offer. If it was me, I’d definitely save this one until last. It’s a definite Valentine’s show stopper!

For those of you who want to run a mile at the mention of this day, don’t panic because each of the sparklers above can be enjoyed just as much with a couple of friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Ones to watch in 2016..


With Christmas and New Year out the way it’s time to look ahead at what’s to come in 2016. January is supposed to be the month to relax and take it easy before all the madness starts again, but we’re way too excited to find out what’s in store for the drinks industry in 2016. Whether it’s a new product entering the market or an entirely new brand, we can’t wait to find out exactly what they are!

So let’s delve straight in and see which spirits and wines are on the rise and which ones we should expect to see more of, on the shelves and behind the bars.



Gin has definitely been the show stopper of 2015, with an ever growing range of new brands gracing the market. From the classic London Dry to the not-so-classics, made from all sorts of weird and wonderful botanicals. Sometimes even we find it hard to keep up!

The gin category is currently growing by 6.6% and is showing no signs of putting the brakes on and slowing down. As the category continues to grow, we’ll be experiencing greater things from this spirit with even more new and exciting gins set to appear on the market soon.

It’s going to be another, very very exciting year for gin and we can’t wait to see what’s to come!



With aquavit gradually appearing in more bars across the UK, 2016 is expected to be its year! Aquavit, in case you’re not familiar with it, is a Scandinavian spirit distilled either from grain or, more commonly, potatoes. To make it a bit simpler, think of it as a flavoured vodka.

In Scandinavia, aquavit is generally drunk neat, chilled or at room temperature but in the UK, aquavit is already showing signs that it can work well in mixed drinks and cocktails. Bartenders are already switching their gin in a Negroni and vodka in a Bloody Mary for a spicier kick that comes from using aquavit.

We’re one of the leading suppliers of aquavit in the UK so why not give some of our brands a try. Choose your favourite between: Linie Aquavit from Norway and Aalborg Aquavit from Denmark. If they don’t tickle your fancy then don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more aquavit for you to try.


tovaritch-159 (2)

Over the last year or so, vodka has taken a bit of a back seat after struggling to keep up with the growing popularity of spirits with more unusual flavours. However this year, vodka is said to be making a comeback with a steady flow of new premium brands, with an added edge, entering the market. Vodka is definitely fighting back to regain its status right up there, next to gin… watch out!




One of the most noticeable new trends in the UK spirit market is the rise of mezcal and we’re certainly very proud to have the best and most exclusive selection of mezcal available in the UK, including Del Maguey, Los Siete Misterios and Pierde Almas.

This new found love for mezcal has definitely taken people by surprise, considering not that long ago barely anyone had heard of this wonderful Mexican spirit. In an interview with the Morning Advertiser our Brand Champion and mezcal connoisseur, Jon Anders gives his take on this mezcal epidemic.

Here’s what he had to say:

‘Mezcal is the big one. It happened almost overnight, two or three years ago no one had heard of mezcal, now you can get it in bars all over the country. It taps into the same trend that gets people interested in whisky, as there are so many different expressions out there. It’s a premium spirit, we sell small volumes but consistently, which is over the odds for a high price imported spirit’.

‘People will be willing to search out places that serve drinks that have that authenticity and quality. They’re willing to learn, they read about something on the internet then they want to come to the bar and try some of the drink they hear about, to experiment’.

In 2016 we expect to see an even bigger rise in the popularity of mezcal, with more bars and restaurants making sure they’re stocked up!



Tequila is not just for traditional margaritas and shooters anymore. It’s a widespread spirit that can be purchased today, in most bars, clubs and restaurants. Tequila has an enormous history with the demand for the spirit still growing fast. Now, with so many players in the tequila game, tequila trends have been bigger than ever. New drinks and cocktails are frequently being developed with the vast selection of tequila brands and types that are now widely available.

Tequila has definitely earned a new name for itself as the world continues to discover the many things that it has to offer. It is certain that it won’t be losing any of its steam anytime soon!



Back in the eighties, every household had a bottle of vermouth stashed away in the drinks cabinet. But vermouth quickly fell out of fashion and was only ever used as an ingredient in the odd cocktail or two. Now it’s making a comeback, quickly becoming one of the most ‘on trend’ things you can drink. The classic version of vermouth was always dry but the category is slowly expanding with sweet and much more herbal versions now existing.

The demand for vermouth from bartenders is also rapidly increasing. It’s becoming one of the key ingredients in the ever growing cocktail culture as cocktails like the Manhattan, Negroni and Martini have started to become fashionable again…Plus, it’s absolutely delicious and every bar and restaurant should definitely have it at the top of their drinks list!

Contratto  offer a fantastic selection of vermouth’s, including a bianco, rosso and americano rosso.  The Contratto Vermouth recipe dates back to the early 19th century and is based on a combination of white wine, Italian brandy and over 50 delicately infused natural herbs, spices, roots and seeds. This traditional process is used to create a sophisticated elixir and a complex and well-balanced boutique aperitif that will make any vermouth based cocktail an exceptional experience. Give them a try!

Japanese Whisky


Hibiki Japanese Harmony


All over the world, people seem to be going mad for Japanese whisky. The growing popularity of Japanese produce in bars and restaurants has meant that Japanese whisky is in higher demand than ever before.

The story of Japanese whisky goes back about 90 years and owes its existence largely to two people – Shinjiro Torii and Masataka Taketsuru, who founded the distilleries behind the two largest producers – Suntory and Nikka. It’s crazy to think that it was first distilled in the 19th century but took up to the 21st century for the wider world to catch on as these days people can’t get enough.

With a growing trend of consumers that want more unique and exotic products, we expect that the demand for Japanese whisky will continue to increase well in to 2016.

Something a little different for your mixer


Consumers are continuously looking for new and exciting tonics to go with their spirits. They want something different, with an interesting flavour that is nothing like the ones you can pick up from any supermarket or corner shop.

Ferdinand’s has definitely hit the spot with their recently released Doctor Polidori dry and cucumber tonics.

Doctor Polidori’s Dry Tonic is infused with herbal essences, making it an aromatic filler for your favourite spirits. Herbal notes of basil and thyme combined with exotic notes of spicy cubeb pepper and instantly recognisable juniper make for a very interesting character.

Their cucumber tonic on the other hand is not equipped with the usual citrus aromas but instead, exciting cucumber notes. This tonic works spectacularly in a G&T, providing a refreshing and vibrant experience!

Greek Wines


Greek wines may be the most underrated on the planet. Why is a mystery, as the Greeks have been making wine since around 2000 BC. Certainly, the quality of Greek wines has improved dramatically since the 1980s, but this is the case for all winemaking countries… isn’t it?!

Over the past few decades a big shift has taken place with a reduction in overall vineyard area. This has resulted in fewer bulk and table wines being produced, which has actually lead to the rise in numbers of quality producers and boutique wineries.

This is exciting as the trends show that people are looking for cool, unusual grape varieties from emerging winemaking countries. White Greek grapes like Assyrtiko and Moschofilero and reds such as Vradiano and Agiorgitiko may not roll off the tongue but they are high quality grape varieties that are now being used to create complex, food friendly wines.

This trend is expected to continue well into 2016 so a continuous increase in the popularity of Greek wines looks very promising. So as you can probably predict, we can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for some of our Greek wines producers, like Vrinioti and Tselepos. Exciting times!

If you would like anymore information on any of the products above, please visit our website or pop in to one of our stores.

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What’s coming up in 2016..


Hop Scotch Wine Tasting – 29th November, 2016

On Tuesday the 29th November, our very own Ettore Ramazzotto will be joining forces with Hop Scotch Cafe Bar in London, to host our first, of many (we hope) wines tastings at Hop Scotch. On tasting will be a selection of our finest Old World & New World wines, with an array of nibbles to accompany.

Tickets are £15 pp. To book your place, simply email or call 0208 699 8998.


The Macallan Masterclass – 23rd November, 2016

Free up your diaries for our Macallan Whisky masterclass, taking place on the 23rd November at Amathus City. On tasting will be The Macallan 12yr Sherry Oak, 12yr Fine Oak, 12yr Double Oak and Rare Cask. Limited tickets available so visit our website & sign up.


Ferdinand’s Masterclass – 8th November, 2016

New month, new masterclass! Join us next Tuesday at our Soho shop for an evening with Ferdinand’s. On tasting will be the full Ferdinand’s range, including their Saar dry gin, Riesling infused vermouth, as well as, their newly released barrel aged vermouth and Riesling liqueur.

Ferdinand’s owes its name to the Prussian District Forester, Ferdinand Geltz. Carefully hand-picked Riesling grapes from the Zilliken estate and the craftsmanship of Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar, guarantees a range of top-quality products from the Saar region. To book your place, visit our website now.


Yaguara Masterclass – 27th October, 2016

Distilled from fresh sugar cane juice in traditional alambique copper stills in the heart of Brazil, Yaguara Cachaça is blended under the watchful eye of master blender Erwin Weimann. After the successful launch of the award-winning Yaguara Organic Blend Cachaça last year, Yaguara has introduced two new expressions to its portfolio: Yaguara Branca, a 100% white, unaged cachaça, and Yaguara Ouro, aged in American oak and Brazilian native wood.

On the 27th October we will be hosting a Yaguara masterclass at Amathus Soho, where you’ll get the chance to sample all three expressions. Visit our website and book now.


Aquavit Tasting – 20th & 26th October, 2016

Our very own Jon Anders has teamed up with Scandinavian Kitchen to host 2 Aquavit masterclasses on the 20th & 26th October! On tasting will be a selection of Scandinavian Aquavits, including O. P. Anderson, Hallands Fläder, Linie Aquavit and Aalborg Nordguld and Dild. Accompanying the masterclass will be a selection of canapés and allsorts of other Scandinavian treats. Tickets are £20 per person, to book your place visit:


Mezcal Los Siete Misterios Masterclass – 8th October, 2016

#LondonCocktailWeek is almost upon us and this year we’re celebrating in all Amathus stores! On Saturday, 8th October we will be hosting a Mezcal Los Siete Misterios masterclass at our Soho shop, which will be free for all LCW wristband holders to attend.To reserve your place, RSVP

This masterclass is not only limited to London Cocktail Week wristband holders, if you want to come along and you don’t have a wristband, just visit our website and sign up.

Make sure you stay tuned as we will also be hosting an array of pod tastings across all stores, which again will be free for all LCW wristband holders to attend… let the countdown to London Cocktail Week begin!


The Whisky Show – 1st – 2nd October 2016

It’s almost time! If you’re heading to the the Whisky Show this weekend at Old Billingsgate, London, make sure you come and pay us a visit. We’ll be at stand number 45 with Wolfburn Whisky,  Spirit of Hven, Kings County and Michel Couvreur!


Flamenco Dancing Backstage at Sabor Iberico – 30th September, 2016

Don’t miss out on 2-4-1 Ron Barceló Rum cocktails and flamenco dancing on the 30th September at Sabor Iberico in London! There’s no need to book, just make sure you’re there for happy hour at 6 o’clock.


Spanish Wine & Tapas Pairing Masterclass – 15th September 2016

Join us next Thursday at Chupitos in Welling for an evening of Spanish wine and tapas. On tasting will be 6 wines from the outstanding Bodegas Ochoa in Navarra, Spain… what more could you want!?

To book your place call Chupitos on 020 3638 3098 or if you’re passing by the restaurant, call in to reserve your spot. Bon Appétit!


Charles Sparr Masterclass – 14th September, 2016

On Wednesday, 14th September we will be welcoming Charles Sparr into our Soho shop for our very first Charles Sparr masterclass. On tasting will be 6 wines from the collection, including 2 Gewürztraminer, 3 types of Riesling and 1 Pinot Noir.

For your chance to sample these award-winning wines from Alsace, simply visit our website and sign up now.


Whiskey Thief Masterclass – 13th & 14th September 2016

Roy Evans, founder of Whiskey Thief, introduces his revolutionary bourbon this Tuesday and Wednesday at Bird of Smithfield and Bodean’s. Unfortunately this one is for trade only; so if you’re free and work in the trade,  join us from 3pm until 4pm, on whichever day suits you best.

For Tuesday’s event, RSVP: or for Wednesday’s, RSVP: or


Marolo Grapa Tasting – 13th September 2016

If you’re in the trade and have a love for grappa, then get yourself to Cafe Murano on Tuesday, 13th September for our Marolo Grappa tasting. On tasting will be 5 grappa, including the Gewürztraminer, Brunello, MoscatoMoscato Apres 5yr and the Barolo 12yr.

To reserve your place, RSVP:

Ladies_Gents_flyer (2)

Ladies & Gents – 26th August – 28th August 2016

Kick start your Bank Holiday weekend with free Ron Barceló rum punch, all weekend at Ladies & Gents Bar in Kentish Town, London.

No tickets required, just turn up in your Hawaiian attire and drink away! Who’s in?


Diageo Special Release Whisky Masterclass – 20th & 21st July, 2016

What a treat we have coming up later this month! On the 20th and 21st July we will be hosting 2 whisky masterclasses – one in our City store and the other in our Knightsbridge store. On tasting will be 8 special release whiskies, including the Caol Ila 17yr, Brora 37yr , Port Ellen 32yr, Clynelish Select Reserve, Dalwhinnie 25yr, Pittyviach 25yr, Dailuaine 34yr and Caledonian 40yr.

Tickets are £60 per person and spaces are very limited. Bagsy your place now by visiting our website  and signing up. This one is not to be missed!


Werner Masterclass – 12th July, 2016

As part of our #31DaysofGermanRiesling celebrations we’re hosting a Werner masterclass, next Tuesday at our Knightsbridge store.To reserve your spot, visit our website and sign up now.


Spirit of Hven Masterclass – 7th July, 2016

For those of you who like gin, whisky, vodka & aquavit.. sign up now to our Spirit of Hven masterclass, happening next Thursday at our Soho shop.

On the island of Hven located in the strait of Öresund between Denmark and Sweden lies the Spirit of Hven Distillery.

Founded in 2008, this family owned distillery produces a diverse range of oak matured distillates including Organic Vodka, Gin, Aquavit, Summer Spirit & world acclaimed single malt whiskies. Handcrafted using only certified organic ingredients; each spirit is one of a kind with an enticing character and sensational flavour.

Don’t miss out!

53 degrees gin tasting

53° North Gin Tasting – 29th June, 2016

Gin lovers this one is for you! Join us on the 29th June at 53° North in Halifax for a gin tasting like no other. On tasting will be a selection of 5 gins, including Rives London Dry, Bobby’s, Ferdinand’s Saar Quince,Greenhook Ginsmith and Van Wees Three Corners Premium.

Each of the gins on tasting will be paired with a premium mixer and tailored cocktail created by 53° North’s head mixologist, James. As well as the tasting their Head Chef, Mark will also be preparing carefully selected dishes to match perfectly with each of the gins.

Tickets are £35 per person. To book your place, please call 01422 646 422.


Pernod_Ricard_Whisky_masterclass (2)

Pernod Ricard Whisky Masterclass – 27th June, 2016

Also happening later this month is our Pernod Ricard Whisky masterclass, taking place at our City store on Monday, 27th June. You’re in for a treat with not 1 but 8 whiskies on tasting for you to try. The whiskies you’ll be sampling include,  Green SpotRedbreast 12Powers Johns LaneMidleton Barry CrockettAberlour 12yrLongmorn Distiller’s ChoiceGlenlivet Founders Reserve and Scappa Skiren the Orcadian.

To book your ticket, please visit our website.

Aquavit_masterclass (3)

Aquavit Trade Masterclass – 15th June, 2016

On Wednesday, 15th June we will be hosting an Aquavit masterclass at our Knightsbridge store, kick starting at 3.30pm. The masterclass will only be available to trade customers and on tasting will be 6 different Aquavit including, Halland Flader, OP Anderson,  Aalborg TaffelHven Aqua VitaeGammel Opland and Linie Double Cask.

To reserve your place, please RSVP to our Knightsbridge store

Del Maguey Tasting TDC

Del Maguey Food & Mezcal Pairing – 14th June, 2016

We’ve teamed up with TDC Cardiff to host a very exciting 5 course dinner where each course will be matched with a different Del Maguey, Single Village Mezcal.

Tickets are £30 and the event starts at 7pm on Tuesday, 14th June. Visit, to book your place now!


London Wine Week – 23rd May – 29th May, 2016

London Wine Week will take over our city in a matter of days; kick starting on the 23rd May until the 29th May.The whole week will be jam packed full of all kinds of wine tastings, events, masterclasses, as everyone, including us, wants in on the action.

This year, similar to last, we will be hosting an array of masterclasses, throughout the week, in all four of our stores. From sparkling’s to Australian favourites, we’ve got a masterclass to suit you all.

To find out what’s happening when and where, check out the following link:


Skinos Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2016 – Deadline 31st May, 2016

The Skinos Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2016 (MCC) has officially begun! For the 6th year running MCC, the biggest international bartenders’ competition with a Mediterranean theme is back and this year it is being hosted and organised by Skinos Mastiha Spirit, the leading Greek/Mediterranean spirit.

The concept of this year’s competition is “Team Challenge”, where bartenders are invited to participate in teams of two. Bartenders from all over the world, including Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and the UK are to find a fellow teammate and create a unique Mediterranean recipe, inspired by the ingredients, flavours and aromas of the region!

Each team is asked to submit their recipe, which will be presented to the MCC jury during the semi-finals in each region. The winning team of the Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2016 will travel to Berlin and the BCB (Bar Convent Berlin) to present their winning Skinos cocktail.

Deadline for entries is the 31st May 2016. Visit & sign up now.


Pernod Ricard Irish Whiskey Day Masterclass – 19th May, 2016

So if one World Whisky Day masterclass isn’t enough, we’ve now got another one happening on the 19th May at our City store.

Book your tickets now for our Pernod Ricard Irish Whiskey masterclass… on tasting will be the Redbreast 12 year oldPowers Johns LaneGreen SpotMidleton Barry Crockett. If you love your Irish whiskey this is surely for you!

Tickets are £25. To reserve your place, visit our website.


World Whisky Day Masterclass – 17th May 2016

As part of our World Whisky Day celebrations, we invite you to join us for a very special masterclass taking place at Amathus Knightsbridge on Tuesday, 17th May. On tasting will be seven of the world’s finest and rarest whiskies from across the world, including Wolfburn, Pappy Van Winkle, Michel Couvreur, The Yamazaki & Spirit of Hven.

Tickets are £50 per person. Limited spaces available so visit our website and book now.


Meletti Masterclass – 11th May, 2016

London clear your diaries and join us on the 11th May for our Meletti masterclass at Amathus Soho.

The Meletti family has been producing extraordinary handcrafted liqueurs for generations. Silvio Meletti started the company in 1870 when he endeavored to produce an anise-flavoured liqueur that would rival or surpass the best products of Italy and France.

As with any great product, the quality of the ingredients is what sets the best above the masses. Today, Silvio Meletti’s sons, Aldo and Silvio, continue to select only the finest herbs and botanicals for all of their products.

To reserve your place, please visit our website.


Meletti Masterclass & Cocktail Competition – 11th May, 2016

It’s that time again! If you think you’ve got what it takes then sign up to our Meletti masterclass & cocktail competition, next Wednesday at the fabulous cocktail and toasties bar, Loves Company.

To register, simply RSVP to

Bobby's 2

Collins Cocktail Competition – 4th May, 2016

Cocktail competition time! Bartenders if you think you’ve got what it takes, join us for our Collins cocktail competition at Jenny’s Bar in Liverpool, 4th May. You’ll be battling it out with other bartenders to make us a twist on a Tom Collins using 35ml of Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin… the rest of the ingredients are up to you!

To reserve your place, RSVP In the meantime grab your bottle of Bobby’s & start practicing!


Zest Whisky tasting

Whisky Masterclass – 3rd May, 2016

On Tuesday, 3rd May we will be teaming up with Zest to host a whisky masterclass at JW3. Marlowe Harris, one of the BDE’s here at Amathus, will be hosting the masterclass where you’ll have the opportunity to learn about & sample, 3 of the newest whiskies on the market; Wolfburn Single Malt Whisky, Whiskey Thief & Kings County Bourbon. If the masterclass alone isn’t enough, there will also be a delicious Zest buffet feast for you to get stuck in to!

Tickets are £32 per person. To find out more information or to book your tickets, click here.


London Wine Fair – 3rd – 5th May, 2016

This year, we’re taking part in London Wine Fair on the 3rd-5th July at Olympia, London. London Wine Fair brings together around 18,000 buyers, producers & trade professionals to discover, learn and celebrate all things wine.

We will be showcasing a number of our top agency producers and their new releases, including Fess Parker, Cálem, Ochoa, Cuvelier Los Andes and Woodstock. Make sure you come and visit us in the West Hall, stand B16. See you there!

To register, please visit



Malbec Wines Masterclass – 16th April, 2016

To celebrate Malbec World Day we will be hosting a Malbec masterclass at our Soho store on Saturday, 16th April. On tasting will be a selection of our fabulous Malbec wines, including Cuvelier Los Andes and Bodegas Carelli.

To reserve your place, please visit our website.



Mezcal & Coffee Pairing at Wahaca, Soho – 14th April, 2016

We’ve joined forces with 2 Broke Blokes Coffee Roasters and Wahaca to bring you an evening like no other.

Join us on Thursday, 14th April at Wahaca Soho’s Azulito Bar for a one-of-a-kind mezcal and coffee tasting session. You’ll get the opportunity to pair and taste a selection of coffees and mezcals as well as learn about the farmers who grow, harvest, and produce these delicious drinks. This evening is part of London Coffee Night, a celebration of coffee and spirits with all proceeds going to Project Waterfall, who bring clean water to coffee growing communities.

It’s an honour to be part of this amazing event, so book now and join in too!



Château de Laubade Masterclass  – 13th April, 2016

Your invitation awaits! Please join us on Wednesday, 13th April for our Château de Laubade Armagnac masterclass at our Shoreditch store.

Limited spaces available, so make book now.



Krug Champagne Masterclass – 31st March, 2016

How exciting is this? On Thursday, 31st March we will be hosting a Krug Champagne masterclass at our City store. Tickets are £25 per person.

To book, simply pop in store or visit our website.

teeling_MC (2)

Teeling Masterclass- 17th March, 2016

Make your St Patrick’s Day one to remember with our free Teeling Irish Whiskey masterclass at our Soho store. From single malts, to blends, to discontinued limited edition whiskies, this is a tasting you won’t want to miss!

To book, simply email our Soho store –



Elk Cove Masterclass – 8th March, 2016

On Tuesday, 8th March we will be holding an Elk Cove masterclass at our Soho store, which will be hosted by the VP of Sales & Marketing at Elk Cove, Shirley Brooks.

Elk Cove was founded by Joe Campbell, a Harvard graduate and ER doctor who fulfilled his lifelong ambition of becoming a winemaker by establishing Elk Cove in his native state of Oregon in 1974.

Joe and Pat’s five children all grew up working summers in the vineyards at Elk Cove – it was truly a family business. In 1999, the Campbell’s son, Adam, took over as head winemaker. Adam was aged only three when the family moved to Elk Cove, so he was in the perfect place to continue the family’s reputation as one of the leading wineries on the Oregon wine scene.

Limited spaces available so please book now.


Mezcals_MC_Knightsbridge (2)

Mezcal Trade Tasting – 8th March, 2016

Please join us on the 8th March for a Mezcal masterclass at our Knightsbridge store. The masterclass will kick start at 3pm and will only be available to trade customers. Throughout the masterclass you’ll get chance to sample a range of mezcals from our agency brands, Del Maguey, Pierde Almas, Los Siete Misterios, Los Danzantes and Alipus.

To reserve your place, please RSVP to


Bodegas Ochoa Masterclass – 2nd March, 2016

Join us on Wednesday, 2nd March, for a Bodegas Ochoa masterclass hosted by Beatriz Ochoa at our Shoreditch store.

Bodegas Ochoa was founded in 1845 and fast became one of Navarra’s most celebrated producers. Today, the Ochoa family tradition continues at the winery, which is now run by the fifth and sixth generations of the Ochoa family. Javier Ochoa and his two daughters, Adriana and Beatriz, produce wines from a diverse range of different grape varieties including Tempranillo, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

We’ve limited spaces available so please book now.

Think Gin Invite

Think Gin – 1st March, 2016

After a hugely successful launch last year, Think Gin is back for another year and this year it’s going to be even bigger and better! Taking place on Tuesday, 1st March at The Hospital Club in London, Think Gin (if you haven’t guessed already) is an event dedicated to the world of Gin. Throughout the day, you’ll get chance to attend  as many gin masterclasses, tastings, debates and workshops as you like.

This year, we’ll be joining in on the action and showcasing some of our fabulous Agency Gins including Ferdinand’s, Bobby’s and Rives Gin, so make sure you swing by and say hi!

Places are very limited so make sure you reserve your place by emailing


Skinos Mastiha Spirit Pod Tasting – 24th February, 2016

Next Wednesday, 24th February, we will be hosting a Skinos Mastiha Spirit pod tasting at our Shoreditch store from 6.30pm onwards.

Skinos is a Greek Mastiha spirit from the Mediterranean Island of Chios. It’s made by distilling the resin of the Mastiha tree, a Greek tree that is the source of the mastic spice, with a neutral spirit. The flavour is unique, flowery and delicately sweet. Best served over ice with a slice of lemon.

There’s no need to book, just turn up and enjoy!


London Beer Week – 22nd February – 28th February, 2016

Get ready for a week of beer, cider and plenty of ale. London Beer Week is back and this year it promises to be even bigger and better than last. From the 22nd- 28th February, beer-lovers will be in their absolute element, surrounded by pop up bars, events, parties and tours dedicated to the wonderful world of beer!

This year, we want to get in on the action by offering all LBW wristband holders a ‘4 for the price of 3’ offer on our bottled beers and cans. Simply pop into one of our stores, choose your favourite 4 beers, show your wristband at the till and you’ll get the cheapest one free.

It’s not too late to get involved, visit and order your wristband now.

SITT Tasting

SITT Trade Tasting – 22nd February & 24th February, 2016

The SITT is a wine trade tasting event for both new and seasoned trade professionals, bringing you a wide selection of specialist importers, boutique wineries and agencies all showcasing a great range of wines.

This year, is a very exciting year for us as we will be presenting some of our newest award-winning agency wines, including Nicolo & Paradis, Tselepos, Werner, Woodstock and many more.. so please come along and join in. We’ll be in Manchester on the 22nd February and London on the 24th February. Hope to see some of you there!

For more information and to register, please visit

Granger_Co_Clerkenwell (2)

Wine and Food Pairing with Maverick Wines – 26th January, 2016

Join us at Granger & Co. for our Australia Day winemaker dinner with Ron Brown from Maverick Wines. 5 wines  and 4 courses, all for £45.

To book, please call Granger & Co. on 020 7251 9032 or email


Glenfarclas & Kilchoman Masterclass – 25th January, 2016

Please join us this Burns Night for a special whisky tasting. From 6:30pm, on the 25th January, we will be hosting a joint whisky tasting at our Shoreditch store featuring whiskies from Glenfarclas and Kilchoman, the newest distillery on Islay.

To reserve your place, please RSVP to

maray_maverick_final (2)

Wine and Food Pairing with Maverick Wines – 24th January, 2016

Join us on Sunday, 24th January for a meet the winemaker dinner at Maray, Liverpool. 4 delicious dishes paired beautifully with 4 Maverick Wines. All this for only £35 each.

To book, please call Maray on 0151 709 5820.

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Ginuary: Our favourite month of the year!


January is a hard month; credit card bills to pay, all the “new year, new you” rubbish including detoxes, diets and dry January. Let’s forget all that and start 2016 celebrating the best month of the year..Ginuary!

If you haven’t noticed already, lots more people are developing a new found love for gin. If they’re not talking about it, they’re looking for something new and exciting to add to their gin collection. New brands are being launched every month and bars are making sure they’ve got the latest one in.

Soho gin collection

With so much choice out there, unless you’re an expert, how do you know which one to pick? As this month is gin month, we’re here to help by introducing you to some of the world’s best gins. From the Netherlands to Germany, Spain and America, we’ve got something for everyone!


HoHJ Bobby's - Perfect Serve - Standing

Meet the delightful Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin. Life is too short not to experience its fragrant and complex flavour. A balanced blend of juniper, rosehips, cloves, lemongrass and cubeb peppers amongst others, create this extremely unique gin.

Bobby’s is at its best in a Bobby & Tonic, served over ice and garnished with an orange peel and cloves.


Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin is fun, delightful to the palette and offers all spirit enthusiasts among us a product they can play with, experiment with and be proud to have added to their collection. Infused with carefully hand-picked Riesling grapes from the steep shale slopes of the Zilliken estate, on the grand Saarburger Rausch site, make this gin an impressively unique tasting experience.

Serve it with Ferdinand’s Saar Vermouth an olive and a splash of olive juice and you’ve got yourself a Dirty Martini!


Established in 1782, A.van Wees distillery de Ooievaar claims to be the last authentic distillery left in Amsterdam, producing a range of Old Dutch genevers, bitters and liqueurs. Their products are creative compositions made from pure natural raw materials; a combination of fruits, flowers, plants, roots and seeds.

This premium version of the A. van Wees de Ooievaar Three Corners Dry Gin is made with more intense, concentrated flavours whilst still remaining elegant with notes of juniper, coriander and lemon. With its prominent flavour, this Dutch gin should definitely stand out in your Ginuary cocktails and drinks!


Gin Premium+copa.jpg

Established in 1880, Rives have been making their Special Gin in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain since 1980.

Rives Special Gin is a super-premium hand crafted gin, with a unique taste guaranteed to blow your mind! It’s easy to drink but still holds a powerful and complex flavour. It’s the only 100% Andalusian exclusive gin made in copper stills traditionally designed by the Master, John Dore. The perfect balance and taste of Rives Special Gin is achieved by the careful selection of 11 botanicals naturally harvested from around the world.

Greenhook American Dry Gin

Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin is definitely a favourite of mine, made from organic, New York State grown wheat, Tuscan juniper, coriander and Thai blue ginger, making it one of the boldest, most interesting gins out there.

Greenhook craft their gin using a technique called Vacuum Distillation. It allows them to distill their gin at low temperatures, which prevents the delicate aromas of their botanicals from being stewed with excessive heat during distillation. This unique process creates a beautifully fragrant gin with lifted aromas and vibrant flavours unlike any other!

So up next we have something a bit different and what a lovely surprise it is….Van Wees Amsterdamsche Old Genever!



 Now genever differs slightly from gin in that although it is still flavoured with juniper it is also made using malt wine, which tends to give a greater depth and complexity of malt flavour and an overall sweeter finish. Genever is actually the original style of gin from Holland.

Its light gold tones and a tender voluptuousness come from at least six months ageing in oak casks. A good starter to get acquainted with an oude (old) genever.

It’s at its best drunk straight but can also be used as a premium ingredient in luxury cocktails. Give it a try, you’ll be amazed!

With Ginuary now in full swing and all these delicious gins to try, you’ll no longer be thinking about hitting the gym!


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