FDC Tasting @ Hospital Members Club

Wednesday evening was an eventful evening for Flor de Caña, with a tasting at Zenna and also a tasting at Covent Garden venue, The Hospital Members Club on Endell Street. David Adamick gives us the low down of how the evening played out…


The evening kicked off at 7:30 with an audience of nearly 30 eagerly awaiting to be educated on Nicaragua’s premium rum brand.

After going through a bit of the history of the San Antonio plantation/mill, we then went on to the beginning of rum production in Chichigalpa in 1890 and on to the emergence of the Flor de Caña brand.

We then covered the production methods of the distillery before diving into our first sample, the 4 year old Extra Dry. The 4 year old Gold then followed. The chattering and interaction swelled – the desired effect already!

7, 12 then 18 year olds in due course; people were genuinely intrigued by the progression of aromas and flavours and seemed to grasp the crucial relationship between age, complexity and refinement in rum production.

There was some really great feedback as questions were fielded toward the end of the event; we lingered to confirm our overall preference for the 12 year old. There was even someone there from El Salvador who informed that Flor de Cane is THE brand of the region!

It was a very successful event with a very convivial atmosphere – crucial stuff for enhancing people’s perceptions of rum traditions and brands.

By David Adamick