Nothing like a bit of Krug to really make a Monday Evening!

This Monday Evening saw the long awaited Krug tasting event at our City branch in Leadenhall. The much anticipated showing met with crushing demand for tickets while scrutiny and curiosity overtook on the night.

Krug Tasting at Amathus City, Leadenhall Market
Krug Tasting at Amathus City, Leadenhall Market

Charmingly hosted by senior brand manager Olivia Jalibert who gave a brief introduction before we launched into the Grand Cuvee ‘multi vintage’ blend, Krug’s flagship product renowned for its power yet lightness of touch. There were no disappointments here. A waxy lemon and apricot nose led to a subtle blossomy, stone like minerality, with Krug’s signature trace of oxidisation reminiscent of a seductive amontillado. And what zing with freshness of acidity! herein lies the secret of the lightness of touch.

Next in quick succession came the vintage 2000, a very forward style and weightier version. This displayed a more caramel like, baked yeast nose, ‘like putting your nose into a bakery’ Olivia remarked. In an instant the room became divided with opinions, for and against, vintage or multi-vintage, ‘Big and Heavy’ or lighter and fresher.

To round the evening’s tasting off, the house Rosé was served. Having warmed slightly to Olivia’s preferred serving temperature; very subtle, almost imperceptible aromas of fruit, pinot noir and Turkish delight arose from the glass. Olivia conceded that Krug’s philosophy for this bottling is to keep it ‘more krug than Rosé’, it almost demanded the accompaniment of sushi and wasabi.

And so the evening drew to a close, our thanks go to Olivia and Krug themselves for providing us with superb champagne and delightful company.

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Right to left - Non Vintage, Vintage 2000, Rose
Right to left – ‘Multi Vintage’, Vintage 2000, Rose

By Tom Brown,
Amathus City